Professional Workers

If the employers hand over all the responsibilities to the Kathmandu International Incorporate for selecting the candidates for the demands put forth, the organization has some processes of selection, which are as below;

First the organization gets the demand published in the daily vernaculars.

Then the interested candidates should fill up the forms that are available in the organization.

The management team short out the forms according to the demands given by the employers (keeping very detail in view like, experience, academic qualification, training etc.)

Then short listed candidates shall be candidates shall be call for the interview if needed, in which the candidates should present all the relevant documents.

Then again, the final selection is made among all the candidates because organizations can Dan will send only the required employees.

But if the employers send the representative for the selection of the suitable candidates, the organization is always ready to assist them and even work in accordance with their desire without feeling a bit hesitant of biased.

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