Our Services

We aim to provide a Total recruitment Solution to our clients and work to ensure a successful, efficient and harmonious service.

We are concerned about the quality of our principals as we are about the professional eminence of our recruits. As a professional manpower recruitment company, we put a high premium on the value of trust and faith bestowed to us by both our principals and manpower candidates.
 From the start of recruitment to final deployment, the following services are performed to pave the way for the smooth and successful recruitment process to take place.
Upon engagement of PROFILE's recruitment services, we start work to ensure a successful activity by doing the following: Conduct common recruitment strategies such as Manpower Search, On-Site Recruitment, organized job fairs, advertisement placements, Internet on line postings and a host of others.

The following services are performed starting from recruitment database building to deployment:

  • Administer tests (if required); conduct personal interviews for individual assessment.
  • Evaluate and verify credentials and documentary submissions such as employment certification, transcript of records, etc.
  • Prepare candidate for interview with employer and/or its representative.
  • Arrange the conduct of medical and laboratory tests to determine health and fitness level of candidate.
  • Monitor submission of documentary requirements.
  • Facilitate visa issuance from host country through employer for selected candidates.
  • Provide Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) assistance.
  • Liaise with employer to facilitate relocation-related issues.
  • Coordinate with principal airline booking of selected worker.
  • Airport departure assistance.

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